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Welcome to Doctors' Gallery

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Doctor’ means a qualified medical practitioner who is qualified to treat people who are medically unwell, Gallery means a place for the display of a particular work. Therefore it indicates that Doctors’ Gallery is a platform where users can search and choose reputed doctors and make an opportunity to live a healthier life. We provide the most important & basic information about the Doctors’ through which, Visitors/Patients can easily decide which Doctor would be the most suitable for their proper treatment, as well as their easy approach. We provide a digital platform where a patient can easily access the Doctor’s Chambers, Timings, and Visits etc. Our main Objective is to aware mainly those people who live in small towns or even in bigger cites also, but are not concern about the Doctors’ at their surroundings. And the hours of need they just seek help to others about the doctor’s information. In today’s century, almost everyone is internet dependent, so with our website we can assure people we get mostly accurate information about their health needs.

After-all Our Motto Is “YOUR HEALTH is OUR PRIORITY”

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Q & A Gallery

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We are a website company, having a website in the name of 'https://www.doctorsgallery.com/'. In this website you'll find the Best Doctors at your surroundings. Currently we are adding a whole new feature, through which any visitor will be able to book their needed Doctor at their nearest place.
Well a Visitor will need to visit & browse our site first, to get the info of the Doctors. If Still have queries, ping us at 8902030902
After ping, the messenger will receive an automated message from us, containing basic information. They will need to go through those details carefully, and after understanding they will need to proceed further. They may have to wait for few minutes to get instructions from ours side, we expect this much cooperation.

Anyone can choose the doctor from so much information provided in the website, for example they should look at the Doctor's  professional statement, education, background, and others given. If the problem still exists, they can go through the 'Do you know' section of the website.

All registered Doctors will be enlisted in the DoctorsGallery.com’s Doctor category. Patients will search and find doctors by speciality, name, experience & others. The display order of the doctors in this page will depends on whether the doctor has an active schedule in DoctorsGallery, and the rest are listed in random order.

If the doctor, searched for, is not found in the website, any visitor can drop a request at info@doctorsgallery.com & team members will try to reach the nearest place and collect the Doctor's info as soon as possible.

Yes, parties need to make a payment as 'No-Queue Confirmation Charge'. These charge will depend upon the actual fees of that respective Doctors, Venue etc. {Fees can be found in our website's Doctor Profile page}. Fees are divided into several slabs, please go through those instructions for the detailed slabs.
Actually it's not true. The amount that will be taken from parties will not be entirely act as the confirmation charge. Rather a part of the charge will be returned directly or adjusted with the purchased medicines or equips.
 {For Ex. Suppose a Doctor's fees is ₹500; so the parties will need to pay Rs 50 as 'No-Queue Confirmation Charge'. After visiting the Doctor, an amount of Rs 30 will be adjusted to them with the purchased medicine bills, or directly (if they does not purchase medicine). Please keep in mind that Doctor's fees will not be adjusted in any way. It will be entirely manage by the Centre coordinator.
We are extremely sorry, but this can't be done. As there are so many spammers out there, who may misuse this emergency system? Hence to surpass them as well as to confirm booking, parties will need to confirm their payment first, only then the procedure can be completed.
We are sorry to say, but currently we do not support any offline payment methods. Visitors will need to register themselves in any of the available PAYTM/UPI systems first, and only after that, this system can be availed.
And also they have to remind that the website admins will not be responsible for any kind of payment failure or as such.
First of all, we just require only few basic details like, Name; Sex; Age; Location etc. we hope any person would not mind to share these. Though we would like to mention that, we do respect our visitors' Privacy, so they can be assured, that those details will be safe and private.
Read Our Privacy Policy

Team Doctors'Gallery always working hard to make the data of all of it's registered members safe and secure. We have already applied some good security measures to the website and continuously trying to make it more secure.

Absolutely not. We do not emphasize any Visitor to purchase anything from any shop. In cases, if parties do not buy anything from that clinic/medicine shop; they will need to just pay the complete fees of the Doctor, and the co-ordinator will refund the rest.
In cases, if the party need to cancel their confirmed booking for any unavoidable situation, they will need to ping Whatsapp with keyword 'Cancel'. Our admin will then initiate the cancellation after few verification (if needed).
Parties must keep in mind that, in case of cancellation, they will need to inform us at least before 2 hrs of the Doctor's scheduled timing, if cancellation request received after the specified time, there will be a penalty applicable, according to the slab rate.
The patient he /she or any of his /her companion will need to carry the same phone no. with which the booking was made. They will need to confirm the Name & No. to the co-ordinator, when asked.
The main advantage of this system is that, the parties will get their booking among the First Five, so they won't have to wait longer, like others. Also their booking will be confirmed. It happens several times, that patient parties want to visit a particular Doctor, but due to unmatched timings; congestion in telephone networks; unavailability of any co-ordinator, also many clinic's does not provide phone booking facility, so for these or any other reason, the same could not be done. Hence the problem arises.
But with this system, this procedure has been made very simplified. Just act according to the steps, & get your booking confirmed.