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Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital Newtown

Cancer Hospital in West Bengal

CNCI Rajarhat or CHITTARANJAN NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE is a popularly known government cancer Hospital in West Bengal. Earlier, it was only a Cancer treatment center, but later it goes on expanding its activities in basic and clinical research with the help and support from the government funding organizations. This Hospital carries an interesting foundation history. Dr. B.C. Roy, who was a great physician as well as the then chief minister of West Bengal has founded the Hospital. Later, Prof. Madam J.Curie inaugurated the Hospital on the 2nd of January 1950. It is named after the great Patriot, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, who has donated his enormous land and property for this Hospital. 

Chittaranjan national cancer institute rajarhat contact number

Tel : (Off.)2475-9313/2475-8057
The Address and the Contact Number of the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute are provided below - 
37, S.P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata(700026), West Bengal, India. 

Saroj Gupta Cancer Hospital Doctor List

Doctor list of Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital Newtown

Dr Saunak Mitra Mustafi, MD
Dr.Partho Nath, MBBS
Dr.Smita Gupta, MBBS
Dr.Debasish Jatua, MBBS
Dr Dipanwita Banerjee MS(OBG),DPM
Dr. Deepa Chakrabarti, M.D.
Dr. Aniruddha Sarkar
Dr. Sandip Swarup Mandal, M.S.
Dr. Manisha Vernekar, M.S.
Dr. Kallol Bhadra, M D
Dr Souradip Gupta, MBBS,MS,M.Ch(plastic and reconstructive surgery)
Dr. Sagar Sen M.S. DNB (Surgical Oncology)
Dr. Sripurna Mandal, M D
Dr Jayanta Chakrabarti MS, DNB(Surgical Oncology)
Dr. Debarshi Lahiri , MBBS, MD
Dr. Jaydip Biswas
Dr.Palas De


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Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital Newtown

Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital Newtown

Cancer Hospital in West Bengal

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