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AIIMS Kalyani, OPD

NH - 34 Connector Basantapur, Saguna, Kalyani, West Bengal 741245

Timing for OPD Registration: 8:00 am to 11:00 am Patient registration can be done on prior appointment via telephone no 03329516005 and through mobile app AIIMS Kalyani Swasthya (available on Google Play store).

All India Institute of Medical Sciences(Kalyani), Popularly known as AIIMS, Kalyani is one of the most reputed Hospitals in West Bengal, India. 

The Hospital has recently extended its Services for the well-being of its Patients. 


About the AIIMS Hospital, Kalyani -


  • AIIMS Kalyani is one of the Largest Medical Science Institutes and Hospitals in Eastern India to have more than 1000 beds (approx).
  • This Hospital offers Diagonastic Services along with OPD Consultation Facilities. 
  • Recently AIIMS, Kalyani has also started to provide IPD services, which is a piece of happy news for the patients.
  • Test Reports like ECG, EEG, etc.. are done Free of Cost.
  • Many Biochemistry Tests are also done at a subsidized rate in AIIMS Hospital, Kalyani.


Location of AIIMS Kalyani- 

AIIMS Hospital, Kalyani is situated over 197 acres of land, beside NH34, Nadia, West Bengal, India. Around 50 KM away from the State Capital of West Bengal- Kolkata. 


Transport to AIIMS Kalyani - 

Abundance Facilities of Transport and Communication are present over here.


Kalyani AIIMS Address- 

NH-34 Connector, Saguna, Basantapur,Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal, India. 

PinCode - 741245.

Remember- The Hospital comes under the Haringhata Municipality. So don't get confused if someone says the Hospital is in Haringhata.


AIIMS Kalyani Contact Information -

Phone Number - 033 2951 6004

Website - https://aiimskalyani.edu.in



How to Reach AIIMS Kalyani?

-- From Kolkata -  AIIMS Kalyani is just 40 km away from Kolkata. Anyone can drive through NH34 from the Barasat side or Kalyani Expressway from the Belgharia side and reach within one and a Half Hours. 

-- From Murshidabad (Behrampore) - Anyone who wants to come from Murshidabad, can reach AIIMS by Train or Car, or by any Vehicle. 

If the patient wants to come by Train he/she needs to first arrive at Kalyani Station and then can board any vehicle like Toto, Auto, or Bus (27 No Jaguli).

Or Someone who wants to come by Road can come through NH34. After reaching the Kalyani More, they have to take the Right Turn and have to go almost 1 km towards Kalyani to arrive at the AIIMS Kalyani Main Gate. 


Where to Stay in AIIMS Kalyani during Hospital Visit?

At present, the whole area is in the developing stage. A Patient who wants to stay overnight may not get cheap hotels near AIIMS Hospital for lodging. Although there are a few Guesthouses and Good Affordable Hotels available nearby, which are offering good quality food and lodging facility. 

There is one 3-star hotel, available near AIIMS, Kalyani popularly known as Dolphin Hotel. You can check that.


How to Consult a Doctor in AIIMS Hospital, Kalyani - 



  • To Consult a Doctor at OPD - Book an Appointment over the Phone or through AIIMS Swasthya App. 
  • After Booking the Appointment, the Patient must keep some points that will help them for easy access to the facilities.
  • The Pediatric Department has opened a Walk-in Consultation Facility.
  • The Psychiatry Department has started an initiative to conduct a Tobacco Cessation Clinic every day at 9 AM. 
  • Note - Follow Up Patients don't need an appointment for a consultation.



Registration Process in the AIIMS Hospital - 

  • First - Go to the OPD Building. 
  • The AIIMS Official will provide you with a temporary serial number. 
  • Wait for a few minutes. 
  • After some time, Go and Register yourself at the Registration Desk. 
  • Share your symptoms with them and they will send you for further procedures.
  • Then, again you will be provided with a serial number. 
  • Wait for a few minutes in the waiting hall. 
  • There will be a Display Board, put an eye on that and you can check your status of the serial number over there.
  • When your serial number will be shown on the board, you need to get up and go to the counter numbered between 1 to 5. 
  • Your Name will get registered here.
  • After your final registration. A booklet will be provided to you. 
  • Remember for the first time your registration - you have to pay Rs 10. 
  • Also, properly keep the booklet as this is where your doctors will keep your health records and prescription.


As directed from the counter, patients need to visit the respective Floors and Room Numbers for consultations. 

Provided below are the lists of the Room No and respective Departments- 

  • Endocrinology: OPD Room No 434
  • General Medicine: OPD Room No 1
  • Dermatology: OPD Room No 2
  • Cardio-Thoracic Surgery: OPD Room No 149
  • Neuro Surgery: OPD Room No 308
  • Orthopedics: OPD Room No 1
  • Urology: OPD Room No 123
  • Psychiatry: OPD Room No 1
  • General Surgery: OPD Room No 3
  • Opthalmology: OPD Room No 4
  • Pediatrics: OPD Room No 5
  • ENT: OPD Room No 1
  • Pulmonary Medicine: OPD Room No 470

After going to the suggested Room No., there will be a Primary Checkup by the attending Nurses over there. 

Then after that, you will be sent to the Doctor for further Consultation. 


AIIMS  Kalyani Health Checkup before Dr Visit


Your doctor will consult you and will keep records on your Specific Booklet. 

After consultation, a patient can avail of diagnostic facilities at AIIMS Hospital, Kalyani.

diagnsotic_test at AIIMS

Recent Updates On AIIMS Hospital, Kalyani - 


  • The Department of ENT & Head & Neck Surgery announced the opening of a new Neuro-Otology and Vestibular Lab on the 31st of May 2022.
  •  eSanjeevani portal is available for online consultation from Doctors of AIIMS Kalyani.
  • A Neurophysiology and Pulmonary function testing lab is Inaugurated on 6th April 2022. 
  • IPD Services has already started recently.



Hope you have got a clear idea about AIIMS Hospital, Kalyani. 


Down below we are providing the Doctor Lists.


Other Branches of AIIMS

The Doctors' Lists of AIIMS Hospital, Kalyani are as follows - 

Kalyani AIIMS Hospital OPD Doctor List Updated

Department of General Medicine AIIMS Kalyani
Dr. Boudhayan Das Munshi
Associate Professor General Medicine 
Dr. Saikat Mondal
Assistant Professor

Department of General Surgery AIIMS Kalyani
Dr. Anindya Halder
General Surgery MS (General Surgery) FMAS, Fellowship in Surgical Oncology 
Dr. Vijay Kannaujiya
Assistant Professor

Department of Gynaecology AIIMS Kalyani
Dr. Subrat Panda
Professor & Head
Dr. Ipsita Mohapatra 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology MBBS, MD 
Dr. Hafizur Rahman
Additional Professor
Dr. Sayanti Paul
Assistant Professor
Dr. Subha Ranjan Samantaray
Associate Professor
Dr. Sivaranjani P
Assistant Professor


Department of Pediatrics AIIMS Kalyani
Dr. Nihar Ranjan Mishra 
MD Pediatrics Fellowship in Allergy & Clinical Immunology 
Dr. Rimjhim Sonowal
Associate Professor
Dr. Rohit Bhowmick
Assistant Professor
Dr. Aditi Das
Assistant Professor

Department of Dermatology AIIMS Kalyani
Dr. Aparna Palit 
Dermatology & Venereology MD (PGIMER, Chandigarh) 

Department of Opthalmology AIIMS Kalyani
Dr. Mahuya Chattopadhyay
Ophthalmology MS (Ophthalmology)
Professor & Head
Dr. Kaushik Sadhukhan
Associate Professor

Department of ENT AIIMS Kalyani
Dr.  Aniruddha Sarkar

Department of Psychiatry AIIMS Kalyani
Dr. Ajay Mallick
Professor & Head
Dr. Ajay Mallick
Professor & Head


Department of Cardiology AIIMS Kalyani
Dr. Rathindranath Karmakar
MBBS, MD, DM(Cardiology)

A Patient needs to Pre Book his/her appointment to consult doctors at OPD.
Here we are sharing the complete AIIMS Kalyani OPD appointment booking process.

1. Over The Phone:
AIIMS Kalyani OPD Appointment Booking Time - 10 AM - 1 PM
AIIMS Kalyani OPD Appointment Booking Phone / Mobile No: 09477717030
Landline Number: +91/033-29516005

2. Through App:
Here is the download link: AIIMS Kalyani Swastho - Click Here



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AIIMS Kalyani, OPD

AIIMS Kalyani, OPD

NH - 34 Connector Basantapur, Saguna, Kalyani, West Bengal 741245

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