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Welcome to the website www.doctorsgallery.com. The Website is powered by Doctors Gallery, registered office at Nripen Sarkar Road, PO Kanchrapara, West Bengal 743145. Thank you for visiting us, you are agreeing to these terms, so please read them carefully. The terms and conditions herein govern the use of services provided by Doctors Gallery ("doctorsgallery.com", "we", "us"), including its website DoctorsGallery.com ("Website"), software, and information, articles, news, blogs, and text, graphics, images and information obtained from service providers and any other material contained on the Website.
www.doctorsgallery.com that aims to provide a platform for accessing information on healthcare, prevention, symptoms and cure of common diseases and ailments and directory of healthcare service providers. It allows a registered service provider to publish on the Website its contact information in its online directory, its locations, key doctor's profile, main departments, advertise their services, health packages, upload photos, videos, events, seminar information, and fee schedule and timings for doctor consultations.

Features & Terms for The Doctors:
  • www.doctorsgallery.com does not recommend or promote any doctors mentioned on the website and does not make any representations or warranties with respect to these doctors and other health care service providers (include services like physiotherapy, cardiograph, nursing, vaccinations, lab test) or the quality of the healthcare services they may provide.
  • Doctors’ need to understand, this website publishes only those details, statements, pictures; which are provided by themselves with their permission. No personal or unwanted information is been published.
  • This website and their Admin’s reserves the right to re-verify the Registration No. of each & individual Doctor, as it is the most crucial part of gaining trust. And If there is any discrepancy found, we reserve the right to delete or deactivate their profile from our website. 
  • Doctors should know that this website reserves the right to cancel or withdraw or may permanently delete any Doctor’s profile if their registration no. is found to be wrong; Treatments made by Any Doctor are found wrong for continuous or may be For a number of negative feedbacks received from the visitors/Patients.
  • This website provides only a digital platform to know both The Doctors & the Patients/Visitors; it does not establish Doctor-Patient Relationship.
  • Doctors need to understand, Patient/ Visitor parties, who visits through this site are not the liability of this site or the Company. Hence this site or the company, will not be responsible in any case, for their behaviours; attitude; language or such things; whatsoever. In such cases doctors may expect support from their clinic/chamber staffs.
  • Doctors must know that this website, does not send/manipulate patients to visit & also does not emphasizes getting medicines. They only get information, from this site and they decide their steps, by their own.
  • Doctors must take full responsibility for their diagnosis, they must not deny their treatments at any stage if it is found wrong in any case.
  • Doctors are solely responsible for quality of Services they provides. We accept no responsibility for any medical, legal, or financial consequences or implications arising out of the use of the Website, including any Online Services, or Materials.
  • Doctors should be aware that, this site & their employees are working round the clock for the betterment. But they may not get the full support for all the time from this site, but the must be assured that, they will get support as soon as possible.
Following Objects should be remembered by the users:
  • The first time Visitors should keep in mind that this website is just a platform to provide information only; this website does not promote Any Doctor or Medical Practitioner or Medical Facilities, in any case.
  • Visitors must keep in mind that the moderators of this site are working their best to provide accurate information about the Doctors; viz. Timings, Consultation Fees; Experience etc. But they will not be responsible in any way, if there is any delay or sudden change of visiting timings made by any doctor; or their chamber staffs. However website workers will keep tracking to all the clinics and chambers & if any permanent changes found, it will be updated as soon as possible.
  • Doctors are the backbone of our society, we depend on them; and somehow they also on us. So we all expect a good, kind behaviour from them. But if any kind of misbehaviour is faced by any Patient/Visitor, from any Practitioner, they cannot blame us for that. Because Behaviour shows a person’s nature, no one can change it, except themselves.
  • Patient parties should also remind that, Doctors do expect a good attitude from them too. Though, due to the illness or the serious health problems of near & dear one’s, parties’ mental condition couldn’t be well, but they must not misbehave or show anger to any doctor or related. Because at the end of the day only a good Doctor can rescue the life.
  • This website does not manipulate any party to buy any medicine from a particular med-shop or as such. It’s their own choice, from where to purchase their needed medics.
  • This website does not refer any patient to any Doctor. Patients/Visitors need to find their most suitable Doctor from the various categories listed in the website. This website also does not indicate any Doctor, as the best or as such. Because this is not a quality analysis website. So patients should keep in mind no lists, that contain details of Doctors’, are made according to their credits.
  • Patient Parties or Visitors must know that Consultation fees of some Doctors may vary from their Chamber to chambers, so they are asked to confirm the correct fees by contacting the respective clinics & chambers. This website will not take any responsibility of this kind of errors, if happens.
  • If in any unusual case, any patient or their family members found wrong treatment made by any doctor, they must not blame this website admins; rather they can contact or complain, admin or the appropriate authority for such kind of errors.
  • This website or any of the related, do not provide any kind of treatment by themselves. It is just built for collecting information, or consult Doctors. All the diagnosis or treatments, made by the Doctors are the sole responsibility of themselves.
  • This website provides provides information, not only about the Doctors’, but also about the the other medical practices like Blood Exams, Physiotherapy & others. So Persons, availing those facilities, must note that, all the reports or the therapies made by the Laboratories or the Experts are complete liability of that respective. This website or related, do not take any responsibility for those things, even if the name of the Website is found in statements or taken verbally.
  • Patient/Visitor Parties are requested to contact the website admins freely, if any kind of error or mismatch is observed, before posting any negative comment to this or any other websites. Because this website moderators are always trying to correct the errors, if any; to develop their base, to reach to more people to help them. So each & every opinion is valuable.
Following conditions applicable for Other Health Care service Providers:
  • Any health care service providers; like Physio’s, Blood Collectors etc. must be well experienced & should be registered with any reputed laboratory or any physiotherapy care units.
  • Heath care service providers must remember, they will have to keep themselves available at the particular time slots, at which bookings have been taken, from the parties. Failure of which, at continuous manner, their services or profile may be get deleted from this website(Except. in few cases for some unavoidable reasons)
  • Service providers must not manipulate or emphasise any parties to do any treatment or tests/exams beyond as prescribed by a reputed Doctor.
  • Service providers must carry their own kits for their needs (viz; Blood Collectors should carry ice-chambers, Physios’ must carry their instruments, etc.). They must not ask parties, to provide them anything for their need or as such.
  • Service providers should be kind or gentle enough, in cases which may be more sensitive than usual. They should act politely for the children or aged persons, even if they deny to act accordingly.
  • They must not charge or demand extra money in any way by doing any un-necessary measures. They have to act & perform according to the parties’ needs.
  • They are not allowed to damage reputation of this website or the clinics/laboratories for which they work, in any cases whatsoever. If found such case anytime, they will be stroke out from this site at-once, and actions may be taken against them, if necessary.
  • They should always keep in mind, that they are not Doctors, so they should never diagnose anything or express treatments in any case. However if they are aware of any proper and certain remedy for any problem, they may suggest, but not emphasise.
  • Registered Service providers are solely responsible for quality of Services they provides. We accepts no responsibility for any medical, legal or financial consequences or implications arising out of use of the Website, including any Online Services, or Materials.
Role of Our Website
The Information that you obtain or receive from www.doctorsgallery.com is for information purposes and to facilitate selecting the service providers registered on the Website. At no point of www.doctorsgallery.com is a substitute for professional medical advice, personal medical attention or seeking advice from a professional doctor through our website. Further, no information from this Website should be used for treating or diagnosing a medical or health condition or for replacing any relationship with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Online consultation feature should be used only for minor ailments or healthcare queries. Users are advised to visit a registered Service provider for any serious condition or emergency assistance or other ailments. Moreover, no medications, diet supplements or treatments as may be described or prescribed on this Website should be taken or begun without first consulting your physician or other healthcare provider.
www.doctorsgallery.com or its owners, managers, directors, employees, agents, partners, advertisers or affiliates will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury caused to a User arising out of use of the Website, its Online services or Materials including legal actions arising out of medical negligence or other third party actions due to professional misconduct or omissions/acts of other users on the Website such as registered Service providers.
You may be provided with links on the Website that direct You to third party websites / applications / content or service providers, including advertisers and e-commerce websites (collectively "Third Party Websites").
Links to such Third Party Websites are provided for Your convenience only. Please exercise Your independent judgment and prudence when visiting / using any Third Party Websites via a link available on the Website. You should decide to click on the links to visit such Third Party Website,. Your usage of such Third Party Websites and all content available on such Third Party Websites is subject to the terms of use of the respective Third Party Website and www.doctorsgallery.com is not responsible for Your use of any Third Party Websites.
The content of the Website is copyrighted and is protected by copyright laws applicable in India. www.doctorsgallery.com shall own and retain all right in business process, trade secret, artwork and design and software code of the Website. Any content posted by a Service Provider or a user will mean deemed copyright license issued to www.doctorsgallery.com for publishing such information.
Your use of the site, the services and the content is subject to the above Terms & Conditions. If you find these Conditions unacceptable, we recommend that you do not use this Website.

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