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All about Online Doctor's Booking Facility

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Currently No Queue Online Dr Booking Facility Is available at Following Cities and Clinics

1.Nirmala Medico - Kanchrapara
2.Swadesh Medical Hall - Kalyani
3.Dey Medico - Kalyani
4.Jayashree Pramanik's Residential Clinic - Kalyani
5.NRS Medical - Kalyani
  1. This is a strictly whatsapp booking number, no calls will be entertained at any time, at any situation.
  2. Patient Party must need to understand that sometimes our agent may busy in solving other queries, so Patient Party are requested to keep patience.
  3. Intially we are giving the appointment of first five seats of respective doctors.

India’s first one & only No-Queue Confirmed Doctor booking facility. Before further proceeding, please read the T&C carefully.-

  •     This is only a booking system, this system does not promote any kind of Treatment, any Doctor, or any Disease, whatsoever.
  •     While using this system, parties will need to share their basic details. They don’t need to worry about their data because their shared details are completely in safe hand. No private information will be disclosed or shared in any manner because User's Privacy is Our Priority. Although party must agree that their details will be used for improving internal quality purpose and promotional purpose.  Click here to Read Our Privacy Policy
  •     Patient Party have to pay confirmation charges through PAYTM/UPI, Only after successful payment the booking will be confirmed. The confirmation charges is variable according to location, doctors fees etc. A part of the confirmation charges will be refunded at clinic while paying rest part of doctor fees. The remaining part of confirmation fees which is very less will be retained as Online No Queue Booking Charges. The Structure of confirmation fees will be notified by our agent at the time of booking.

            [ Example : Doctors Fees Rs 500, Confirmation Charges Rs 50, Refund Amount Rs 30, Amount Retained As No Queue Charge Rs 20]


  •     Parties must remember that they will be using UPI's or any other kind of online platform to pay the booking charges. We, Doctorsgallery.com will not be responsible for any kind of account mismatch; Payment Failure; Link Failure; Balance Deduction etc. or as such it happens anytime, in any way.
  •     The patient parties must check and understand clearly, about their refund from the respective Medical Store/Chambers, before leaving.
  •     The parties should know that the 'No-Queue' feature is applicable for first five bookings initially. They must have the patience to wait till their previous serial no. appointment is complete.
  •     In case if any party need to cancel their confirmed booking for any unavoidable situation, they will need to Whatsapp with a keyword 'Cancel' from the same Mobile no. with which booking was made. In such cases parties will need to inform the admin at least before 2 hrs of Doctor's scheduled time, to avoid paying any charges. If failed to do so, a certain amount will be charged as penalty. If cancellation made well before time, the refund will be initiated at the end of the working hours of the same day.
  •     This system is purely non-voice procedure, and no calls can be taken. So parties are advised to not to make any calls, rather use the third party app “Whatsapp” for any enquiry purpose.
  •     This website does not influence any party to buy any kind of medicine or any such equipment from any particular store, so if any store enforces to buy such from them, please do share the same with the admin.
  •      Doctors Gallery and Clinic will not be responsible for any kind of delay and cancellation of appointment from doctor's side.

This booking system is made for ease the booking service to the patient parties for their emergency needs, so it is advisable to all those, who intend to use this services, please do not try to spam, fraud, or fake it. Or else the authority reserves the full right to take severe actions against such cases.

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