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World Environment Day

In the time when researchers have given the verdict of the destruction of our planet, it has now become a necessity to conserve the environment. The harsh behaviors towards environment from past centuries have brought the human population at this situation. It is true that people have become more concerned about our environment but still, the torture towards environment still persist maybe now at a lower rate than before.
The environment is considered to be all the living and non-living things that occur naturally on the planet Earth. In very simple words it can also be described as the place, nature, and things that surround the people on Earth. It is generally known as the support system of the basic life of people. The environment provides human beings air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and land to live.
People have long known the adverse effects that environment bring down to human life. Due to lack of conversation about resources or environment and misuse, the Earth may not be a suitable place to live on a few years later. The human beings also know the effects that are causing due to misuse of the environment. Everyone is familiar with the term global warming. It is one of the worst effects that is taking place due to lack of conservation of the environment. It is no more a topic to study how the environment is going to harm the human population. Doctor’s gallery has put some effort into making people aware of the benefits of the environment and environment conservation.
In very simple words, environmental conservation is the process of conserving resources in the environment that is beneficial to human life. It is actually taking care of the environment. If people all come together and take care of the environment as the environment has taken care of us for centuries then there is a hope that World will again be a wonderful place to live in.
To initiate the effort of environment conservation the first and foremost thing that people have to do is stop cutting down trees. Trees help in removing carbon dioxide and manufacture oxygen, which is a vital gas that is required by human beings to breathe. It also reduces greenhouse gases and prevents global warming which is one of the major concerns in terms of environmental hazards.
Water must be saved as it has been found there is a scarcity of water in many parts of the Earth. Saving water will help millions of people worldwide to live a better future.
Wildlife conservation is another major thing that needs to be taken care of. It is known to all that there is a cycle that runs in an environment. Breaking the cycle may lead to disasters that may be severe and harm human beings. Wildlife must be preserved and dealt with more concern for better future.
To make people aware of all these and other aspects of environment World Environment Day is celebrated around the globe. It has been started in the year 1974 and now it has reached a global scale of 100 countries. In these day people take the initiative to do something for the environment and contribute to Mother Nature. This day is very essential as it helps to make people aware of the environment and its different aspects.
So, do not wait. Think of some ways of helping the environment and helping yourself. Go out and contribute something. Remember, healthy environment is healthy you.
Happy World Environment Day
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