Visit Nearest Dietician/Nutritionist & Have Immunity Boosting Diet Chart
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Visit Nearest Dietician/Nutritionist & Have Immunity Boosting Diet Chart

To maintain or cope up with our daily battle in life the first and the very important thing we ignore is our diet. When we miss the appropriate diet, we start facing health issues like weight loss, obesity, heart disease, low blood pressure, osteoporosis, type-2 diabetes, and lots more that we do not think even. Hence, if you want to win over your health issues and desire for a stronger mind and body to fight against every hurdle (physical, mental, professional, or personal) in your life then fix your appointment with the best dietician in Kolkata or best dietitian near me.

Why Should You Visit Dietician?

It is utterly important to live on a healthy and balanced diet that you can live and think in the pink of mind, and evade fallen sick frequently. Though, most of us don’t know what a balanced diet is. We consume meals to feel our stomachs and pacify our hunger only. But, a certified dietician near me knows how to plan a diet that is complete in protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium, calories, fat, and other nutrients our body needs. It is the registered dietician near me who knows which diet chart is required for a specific person to improve and hold immunity according to medical history and report. 

Thus, if you are planning to visit a dietician then look for the top dietician in Kolkata or best dietician in Kalyani (the location you live in) as it is all about your health and immunity. 

Diet to Retain Immunity: 

Whether you visit a dietician or nutritionist near me, you can end up with a healthy diet chart after the meeting.  Let us have a look at the diet that every person requires to follow to stay active, fit, and mentally balanced. Here I am going to mention an array of options that you can take alternatively from Monday to Sunday in your breakfast, lunch, snack (morning/evening), and dinner according to your taste and health issues. 

  • Breakfast (Should Be Heavy To Gain Energy All Day)

1 cup of yogurt with a few strawberries/ fruit juice you like/ rice cakes/pan cakes/bread with any butter you like / juice or tea or milk/smoothie / a small plate of fruit you like. 
  • Snack Before Lunch (Should Be Light But Healthy)
Bite an apple / any fruit you like / eggs / a cup of milk if you don’t like to take it early in the morning / an avocado/toasts (only 2 pieces)
  • Lunch (Go for a balanced meal)

Rice with daal, vegetable, and fish or chicken / small portion of rice with one roti if you are diabetic/light paratha with vegetable and fish or meat/khichdi cooked with lots of vegetables 
  • Evening Snack

Whole grain cracker/popcorn / a handful of nuts/oatmeal / healthy sandwich with butter or jelly
  • Supper / Dinner

A bowl of pasta with white sauce / 2 Rotis with chicken or vegetable/bread and stew (veg or non-veg) / a bowl of rice with vegetable or animal protein

Eat Healthy To Stay Immune! 

You visit the best pediatric dietician near me if you want your children to stay immune all the time. Finding a top dietician in Kalyani or Kolkata is not a deal if you do online research.

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