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The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation plays a large part in Eastern philosophies and religions. Later on, the West also got hold of it and has realized that it has a lot of health benefits. 

The one thing students and those work deal with everyday is stress. Meditation for just 15 minutes or even longer allows you to relax and later enables you to make an effective decision. It also lowers the level of stress anxiety in your system thus decreasing the risks of heart disease significantly. 

The practice of meditation also makes you self aware of what is happening around you. This enables you to focus on the present rather than events that happened in the past or the future. It teaches you to be in control of your mind and not make you do anything based on your emotions. 

Believe it or not, meditation also develops insight into our subconscious. This is because our attitudes, behavior, feelings and perceptions are all connected and if you are able to harness it, you will be able to understand yourself better.

This allows you to have a positive outlook in life and even make changes in yourself. You become content or thankful with what you have instead of harboring feelings of anger, anxiety, greed, hatred and jealousy towards yourself and others. 

You will also be able to see the big picture instead of the small one when given a task at work so even if there are a few setbacks a long the way, you are still able to keep your eye on the end game. 

Medication can also make you feel younger. This is because in one study, people who have been practicing this for many years were physiologically 12 years younger than their chronological age. The results of the test were based on the test subject’s auditory discrimination, blood pressure and eye sight.

So now that you know the benefits of meditation and what it can possibly do, you are probably asking yourself right now how does it work? Well, let us first correct the common misconception about meditation. 

A lot of people think that you have to sit in a pretzel position or go off to some far away place to make this work. The truth is that you just have to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, sit on the floor or on a chair in whatever position you like best and slowly clear your mind of all thoughts. 

You should keep in mind that sitting in a comfortable position may sometimes make you doze off. So concentrate otherwise it defeats the purpose of this exercise. 

Next, you should close your eyes, focus on your breathing and let the positive air go in and the negative thoughts go out. You might hear sounds nearby and since you can’t do anything about that, just acknowledge that it is there and just concentrate on this exercise. 

This can be done at work or at home and how long it will be done depends on you. Some people may start out for 5 minutes and then extend the time in the future. The important thing is that you feel recharged and ready to taken on whatever challenge is out there when you are ready to open your eyes.

There is a constant two-way communication going on between your body and your brain.Do you remember a time when you may have thought of something that was just terrible or maybe you had a "sinking feeling" in your stomach area? That is the kind of communication that goes on between your brain and your body.Meditation can help relax your mind so it can help train your body to relax and your brain to be clear. 

Recent research has found that not only does your brain communicate with your cells,but your cells will also communicate with your brain and also with other parts of your body.In fact,scientist have recently discovered that we think with not only are brain but our bodies as well.Meditation can help us to also understand about our brain.It is not inaccurate to look at your entire body as being part of your brain.

That may be a new fact that may startle you,but do not reject it.Many scientists are now starting to believe that we are actually a "bodybrain".You can communicate with your body and brain through meditation.A key part of your body's incredible communication system involves your cells' receptors.This means every call in your body can have millions of receptors on it's face,and each cell has perhaps seventy different types of receptors.

While meditating as I learned more I discovered that in the early 1970s,Candace Pert,PhD.D, was the first scientist to prove that the existence of these receptors with her own discovery of the opiate receptor.This receptor molecules float on the cell's oily outer part of the membrane and also have roots that can reach deep inside the cell.I'm sure that Dr.Pert had to do a lot of meditating as she wrote her wonderful book The Molecules Of Emotion,Dr.Pert says that "the life of a cell,what it is up to at any moment,is determined by which receptors are on its surface,and whether those receptors are occupied by ligands or not. 

A ligand is described as a small molecule that will bind itself to a cellular receptor.Still using mediation to keep my mind clear I learned that there are three chemical types of ligands. They are the neurotransmitters,the steroids,and the ones that we are most interested in at this time,the peptides. According to Dr.Pert,as many as 95 percent of all ligands may be peptides.

The receptors and their ligands have come to be seen as "information molecules'- the basic units of a language that are used by cells throughout the organism to communicate across systems such as the endocrine,neurological, gastrointestinal,and even the immune system." I would say as much knowledge as Dr.Pert has on this subject meditation would be what kept her mind in focus.

I know there are a lot of us that pray for people who are sick,or maybe someone that has lost a loved one,or for peace in the world,or maybe you even pray for a lost soul.Whatever it is you may pray for you do it out of the love and faith you have in your heart.Meditating through prayer just gives me a peaceful feeling inside.I guess you can see that when I pray I don't pray like maybe a minister would pray.I know all about god,however I will be the first to admit I do not know a lot about the bible. 

I understand the meaning of what the bible says but I do not understand a lot of the words.I basically should say I use meditation to just talk to god.I believe that the way I talk to god is the same way that people may pray to god. I went to church today and the minister was talking about another minister that liked to tell everyone he knew about everything he has done good in his life. He bragged so much that he really didn't have the time to listen to what the people in his church needed. I guess you could say even though he preached an excellent sermon and did everything a minister should do,He just really couldn't see that his pride was taking over his life.

After meditating for a few seconds are minister went on to tell a story of a very religious Christian man and a tax collector walked into a temple at the same time.You could tell when the tax collector walked in everyone stayed away from him because he was not well liked.The Christian man prayed that he would not ever turn out to be anything like the tax collector.The tax collector said a simple prayer asking god that he may be worthy of gods love.I'm sure the Christian man did a lot of good things in his life,But maybe he should have meditated about his pride.

The tax collector did not look down on anyone or asked god if he could be like someone else,he just asked to be worthy of gods love.We all have done things that we wish we could take back.We pray that god will forgive what we have done and we then feel better about ourselves.We know god can forgive us but the important thing is can we forgive ourselves.We truly cannot be happy with ourselves until we do.

I am very concerned about someone I love very much right now.She is a very good Christian person,also a very hard worker and is very sick. She never complains and has been through very much and will have to continue to go through a lot. 

As I was meditating in church I felt the tears coming and all I could do is ask god over and over again to please lay his healing hands on this person I love very much. So whether you are practicing meditation through prayer to heal someone you love or to have peace in the world I can tell you the prayer you are saying will comfort you and give you peace of mind.

Guided meditations are one of the best ways to start meditating.
They're simple to use, which if you're in need of relaxation is a helpful reason in itself.
Probably the hardest thing about using a relaxation meditation is actually making the time to listen to it.
That may sound odd, but we tend to place least priority on ourselves. We look after others, help others and generally do our best to help them to lead better lives.

Set aside the necessary time. If you think you can't find the time, think again. There are almost certainly times in your day when you can find 20 minutes or so. Cut out watching the news for starters - that will have the beneficial effect of keeping you away from negative influences as well. Find a comfortable chair if you're going to listen to your guided relaxation whilst sitting down. Or find a bed to lie down on if that's the position you'd prefer.

Finding the time is far and away the most difficult part. And even that's easy when you set your mind to it.
Put on your headphones. If necessary, put a "do not disturb" sign on the door to your room.
Press play and let your mind wallow in the stress-free luxury of listening to a guided relaxation.
Finding the time is far and away the most difficult part. And even that's easy when you set your mind to it.
Then switch the cell phone to silent.It's actually really simple to use a guided relaxation meditation to relax yourself.

Meditation is something that any one of you out there could practice at any stressful time in your lives and it will really help matters not seem so severe. There are many different books on the internet where you could learn more about meditation and start practicing it each day. This is important for you to do in order for you to feel better about your situation in life. 

Read through many different magazines and books until you truly understand what meditation can do for you in your life, it is really going to improve every single aspect of it, there is no doubt about that. There are ways of feeling better through meditation but if you do not push yourself to do so then you are going to be one very unhappy person at the end of the day. 

Meditation can save your life in many ways because of the changes that it will make you feel each and everyday that you step out of bed. Tell your friends about it and they too can benefit from practicing meditation everyday that they wake up or before going to bed. This is something positive that you can do for yourself and for your mental well being for many years to come. 

Do some sort of meditation everyday for a couple weeks and just see how much better you feel about things. It is going to really surprise you alot.

Meditation Can Help

As you exhale, listen to the sound and associate it with the word Ham. As a guide, So sounds as does if you are saying it in English. Ham could actually be written as Hom, as the in Ham is very weak.
Meditation is one of the most important spiritual disciplines. The benefits of regular meditation are numerous, too many to list, yet peace of mind is one of the greatest.

Try listening to our Let Go recording (see holisticmakeove m link below) which utilizes brain-mind technology to effortlessly guide you into a meditative state.
Avoid all drugs. Even “just” marijuana “only once in a while” hinders intuition and clouds your mind for weeks afterwards.
Try meditating with someone you love or with a group of friends. The combined energy will help you go deeper.
You may be sensitive to something you’re eating or drinking. Pick a day and eat lightly, perhaps about half of what you usually do. Consume what you know will be easy to digest, such as lightly steamed vegetables. 

You should be able to focus more easily provided you feel lighter and more alert.
Certain supplements, herbs, and medications, especially if they affect your mood, may be disagreeing with your system and causing you to be scattered. Ask your doctor or health professional for alternative recommendations or if you can do without them for a while. If you keep asking God or your guides or angels of the Light how you can be more successful with meditation, you’ll eventually become aware of effective ways to go deeper and focus better. 

You’ll be a pro in no time.
If you’re still having trouble perceiving anything, jump start the process by using your imagination. Tell yourself you’ll perceive the first image, thought, or feeling, in response to any of the questions or instructions in the script, on the count of three. Then count one, two, three and provide a picture or thought from your imagination or memory. Continue this process until other images that feel more related to the issue you are exploring start filtering into your mind.

Try relaxing music. Experiment with different kinds to test which works best for you.
Whatever works the best for you is what you should be thinking of trying out. Meditation can change your life for the better and once you begin feeling better you will know that you definitely made the best choices by choosing this to help you along the way throughout this difficult life. 

Learn more about meditation the next chance that you can because your life will be ever changing because of it. There is more to be learned about it even to this day. Things are going to be different in your life and meditation can be the reason for your healing and becoming a much more positive person that is happier and healthier. 

The internet is the best place to locate information about meditation, and there are many wonderful websites that could provide you with tons of information. 

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