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Reducing Cholesterol

  There are lots of ways in reducing cholesterol levels. There’s drug therapy, or you could just stop smoking, loose weight and have an active life style. Or you could do what most individuals who have high blood cholesterol do. Have a low cholesterol diet. Low cholesterol diet is the best way in reducing cholesterol.

Diet and Cholesterol Reduction:
The most essential yet difficult thing for a high blood cholesterol level individual would do is eating a healthy diet.  That’s why reducing cholesterol intake in the body is difficult.  This diet contains lots of fruits and vegetables (more like a penance for meat lovers) and rich in antioxidants. Foods that are rich in fibers are good for reducing cholesterol in the blood stream. It is simply because fibers, absorbs the cholesterol in the blood streams and is then passed through the liver before being excreted out of the body. Cereals, bread, rice, pasta are high fiber starchy foods. The human body also needs a certain amount of fat. Have a reasonable amount of protein rich foods such as fish, meat, nuts and pulses. As much as possible, avoid foods that are highly saturated with fat such as butter, ice cream, mayonnaise and pastries. Instead substitute them with low fat alternatives or unsaturated fats.
Cholesterol Reducing Medications:
Nowadays there are a number of drug therapies available. These include the statins, niacin, fibric acid derivatives and bile acid binding resins. Statins is the most effective and most popular form of medication. 
Salt Reduction and Health
Salt, as we all know, contains sodium which is associated with high blood pressure, heart diseases and strokes. Loosing weight is also a factor. An overweight or obese individual has more chance of having heart problems, circulatory problems and cancer. Reducing weight is also important in reducing cholesterol.
Working out to improve ones health
Exercise boosts the metabolic rate and also keeps the heart healthy. Also improves the stamina, strength and tone of the body. Quit smoking. It will not only make you look better it will also make you live longer. Stopping can be hard for some individuals but just imagine the benefits of your health. Relax, take it easy. Stress is the number one contributor of poor health.  Stress has an effect on the immune system. It increases the blood pressure, disrupts your eating and sleeping patterns and behavior. Although it doesn’t have a direct effect on your cholesterol level, if you can manage stress then your chances of staying healthy will increase. Avoid too much alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol raises the level of the triglycerides, which leads to high blood pressure, heart failure and an increase in the calorie intake. Excessive drinking spree drinking can lead to heart stroke. 

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