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NiV - Nipah Virus[Bats Transforming into Vampires!!]

In recent times, Nipah Virus has drawn attention towards itself. People are confused, feared, puzzled and clueless about this deadly virus and the ways by which people are getting affected. This virus is not only affecting them but whoever is being infected is resulting in death. Why are there so many deaths due to this virus? In the age of modern medical technology why are the doctors failing to save the infected people. Well to get an all these answer it is very important to dig into the sources.
Doctors Gallery has taken the effort to aware people of the Nipah Virus and help people in taking precautions of this virus. Nipah Virus, whose abbreviated form is NiV, is known to be a newly emerging virus and has the ability of causing severe disease in both human and animals. The host of the virus has been found to be fruit bats for the Pteropodidae Family and having genus Pteropus. This virus was first identified when there was an outbreak of disease in a place called Kampung Sungai Nipah situated in Malaysian the year 1998. In that case, it was found that pigs were the immediate host. Again this virus was seen to infect many people in Bangladesh in the year 2004 and the reason that found was consumption of date palm that were contaminated by infected fruit bats.
Consequences of infection in humans
There are different consequences that have been witnessed in humans. Due to this virus, humans can suffer from asymptomatic infection to acute respiratory syndrome and fatal encephalitis. Not only humans, this virus is deadly to animals like pigs and other domestic animals. The primary treatment to this virus in case of humans has been witnessed to be intensive supportive care.
When the questions arises that why the doctors have not been able to treat any of the victims the answer is actually very simple. There is no specific vaccine or drug particularly for this disease. The pleasant part is that WHO has added this virus infected disease to its priority list on the WHO R&D Blueprint.
Now in very simple words it is necessary to understand how this virus is spread. It is believed that fruit bats feeds on the fruits of trees and when those fruits are consumed by people after being brought from the market, gets infected from the virus.
What are the measures that needs to be taken to reduce the risk of getting infected
When there is no vaccine or drug available the best method to take precaution rather than cure. The very first step to take precaution is to create awareness of the risk factors. It is also necessary to educate people about the measure that need to be taken for precaution.
While buying fruits from market people needs to verify and cautiously select fruits from the market.
To avoid transmission of Nipah Virus the focus of the population must be to reduce access of bas to date palms or fruits. It is also necessary to keep bats away from sites of sap collection. Nipah Virus is also spread from animals hence it is gloves are essential while handling sick animals or totally avoid to be in contact with infected pets or pigs.
In case of human-to-human transmission, close physical contact must be strictly avoided with Nipah Virus infected person. Hands must be washed with antiseptic soaps while visiting sick people and after visiting sick people.
The team of Doctor’s Gallery has taken the effort to visit doctors and enquire about the deadly Nipah Virus. We believe that to bring a change in the society initial step is the most important step. Hence, Doctor’s Gallery has taken the responsibility to create awareness among people so that people can live healthy. We wish u a healthy, happy and safe life.
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