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National Doctors' Day - Our Doctors Our Pride

National Doctor’s day is celebrated to recognize as the contributions of physicians towards the society. In India National doctor’s day is celebrated on July 1 in respect to pay their tribute towards legendary physician and second chief minister of West Bengal Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. The day is celebrated as one of the most important day in all across the world. Indian government upholds big campaign which offers great opportunities to all of the doctors to celebrate it and make their importance feels towards the society (IndiaCelebrating.com, 2018). The annual celebration of the doctor’s day campaign helps the common public to get aware about the roles, importance and precious care of the doctors. Due to large population in Indian geographical location general physician plays their responsibilities to attend the patients and provide quality treatments which shows their improvement and progress in medical treatment methods. Annual celebrations of the doctor’s day has proved to be vital and important as because it encourages the doctors to shape their career through commitment towards their professions. During this day the Indian government holds various campaign and one such is arranging workshops with intern doctors where physicians from all background comes down in one stage and guides intern students in various topics which proves vital in terms of shaping the future of their own (Indianmirror.com, 2018). International doctor day has been marked as the day of respect for the entire professional doctors who through their continuous efforts has saved lives of millions of patients all around the world.

It is a day where people shows their thanks and gratitude towards the doctors and their priceless efforts to save the life of patients. Rational medical services are also being promoted through annual meetings and activities in this auspicious day to encourage the people in the community for better health and social development. Free medical checkup camps are organized at many health centers and public places by many healthcare organisation and NGO’s to promote medical services without charging anything (180medical.com, 2018). Further general test camps are also arranged to access health status, health counseling and chronic awareness diseases among people and senior citizens. Free blood test, random blood sugar test, checking pressure activities are held in this day to aware the society about the priceless roles of doctors in everyone lives.
Some of the activities are also carried upon in colleges, schools are also being organized for encouraging more youth to take medical as their career professions. Discussions on medical quizzes competition, sports activities are held for making medical profession strong and more responsible.
On the day of 1st of July patient greet their doctors by distributing greeting cards, appreciation Ecards and giving them bunch of flowers. Special meetings, party and dinners are organized in health centers, hospitals and nursing homes in order to commemorate importance of this day and contributions of doctors towards the medical profession (Current Affairs Today, 2018). Government of India along with other nations around the world shows their respect towards the medical field by giving awards and rewards to physicians so as to show them respect for their great contribution towards profession.
On This Auspicious Occasion Doctor’s Gallery Wants To Wish All the Life Savers of the World a Very Happy National Doctors Day.

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