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Green Tea - What Works & What Doesn't

  Green tea has been around for years, the Chinese and Japanese were well aware of its abilities before others on the other side of the globe. The Japanese enjoy their green tea and take the time to enjoy it several times a day. Production of green tea can hardly keep up with the demands. Green Tea can benefit you in many ways. Lowering cholesterol levels, fighting against cancer are just some of the ways Green Tea can benefit you and your lifestyle.
There are three ways you can consume and enjoy Green Tea: green tea powders, green tea pills and the leaves themselves. All three differ in the processing involved, such as the harvesting of the leaves, the way the leaves are prepared and in the end how they are served to the public. Traditional ways would have you eating the leaves instead of powders and pills.
Even if green tea is steeped, the health benefits are still there to effect you. If that's the case with steeped tea, imagine how the green tea would effect you and your body if it was consumed without steeping.
Green Tea Powders-Technically the leaves are ground up into a powder. Just another form of green tea you can consume. The ground up green tea is commonly called Matcha. Matcha is the highest of quality and probably the most expensive tea you can obtain.
Some people are unable to afford Matcha. If Matcha isn't right for you than perhaps the powder or pills are. One thing is for sure. The latter isn't as powerful and is not as healthy as Matcha. In general, anything processed usually is bathed in chemicals and preservatives and the natural health benefits of the plant, sucked dry. That means when you consume the processed plant or anything for that matter, you are not reaping the full benefits. This really doesn't help or benefit your health in any way.
Green Tea Pills-Things can be a little difficult and may vary here. It all depends on how the pill is processed. Green tea pills claim they can take all the health benefits and fit them into a small capsule form that all you have to do is take a pill each day and that’s all you have to do.
However, plenty of companies and people out there make a living off scamming people whether it harms the people who are foolish to buy their products. It’s best to buy only from companies you know you can trust. Perhaps your local grocery store where you buy the rest of your supplements is your best bet.
The green tea plant seems magical and all but remember, it wont just zap your fat away or instantly make you healthy no matter what issue effects your body. Good judgment and exercise is needed to help the green tea work to the fullest of its abilities. Your lifestyle determines whether you live a happy long life or not. You have the ability to change it.

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