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Calcium Facts

If splurging on milk, cheese, and other dairy products means that we will be totally spared from osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases, cows would need to produce milk than usual. For those who are not as fond of the cow’s produce but are as scared of osteoporosis as everybody is, calcium supplements save their day. 

But are all forms of calcium the same? Will each of them be as effective as the other in preventing bone density loss? Unfortunately, not everything you see in commercials is true. Otherwise, if they all stick to the whole truths, no one is going to make money. 

So now, the million-dollar-question is “what is the best source of calcium for our bones?” Dr. Hans Nieper, M.D. of Germany made extensive studies found out interesting things. The study stated that calcium is most useful in the prevention of bone-related issues when it is in the calcium orotate form. To someone who does not study this field, Dr. Nieper’s discovery is very hard to understand indeed. 

The body just doesn’t absorb all forms of calcium as they are taken in and convert them to bone-building stuff. If that was the case, osteoporosis and the like, would all be unheard of. However, the body goes through a lot of chemical changes in order to make use of those bone-density-boosters that we are taking in. Chemical catalysts or enzymes work hand in hand with other vitamins and minerals to work the process. Thus, these other elements are also as important as calcium is. This means that one should exist along with the others. 

Magnesium is one of the elements required for the chemical process. Along with calcium, magnesium serves as the fuel that controls the heart. That is why it is not that difficult to understand why both of these minerals need to be present abundantly. 

Admittedly, people who indulge on dairy products (ice cream included) do not seem to have any calcium issue. But generally, while calcium deficiency in people is rare, it remains to be a possibility. Sometimes, individuals may just be suffering from magnesium deficiency, but have been pointing their fingers at the wrong thing. 

Calcium does not prevent any bone disease all by itself. If we lack Vitamin C, our calcium intake may lead us to suffer from kidney stones. Bottomline, there has to be a balance of everything. People have the misconception that if they take on too much of something all at once, the more effective it is. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Mainly, calcium is the most common mineral in our body. Calcium comprises 99% of the structure of your bones and teeth, while the remaining 1% is found in your blood and soft tissues. Calcium provides the needed strength and stiffness to the skeletal system so as to keep you around and to protect the internal organs as well.

Without enough calcium, your body would not be able to keep its constant cycle of rebuilding and growing of the bones so as to provide the required strength to hold up your body. Your body’s need for the required calcium level changes very fast as it goes through different levels from childhood to adolescence stages. 

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the recommended calcium intake for adults over the age of 31 must consume 1000 mg everyday and this will go up to 1200 mg everyday for adults over 51 years of age.

Furthermore, if you have an insufficient intake of the required calcium level from foods, it is advised that you must take additional calcium. You can ask for an advice from your personal physician on how to get other calcium supplements. It’s is proven that by taking the additional amount of calcium may decrease the risk of having osteoporosis, bone loss-in elderly men and postmenopausal women, and increasing the bone mineral density to children, adolescents, and adults.

You can get calcium in ample quantities in different kinds of food and other supplements like calcium tablets that can be purchased in drug stores. But before purchasing any calcium tablets for your calcium needs, better consult first a doctor.

Calcium tablets can help in adding the required calcium levels to your body as the National Institute of Health Consensus Panel is recommending the calcium intake as follows:

• The 1,000 mg per day must be consumed by men who are 25-65 years old, women who are 25-50 years old, and to women who are 51-65 years old that take estrogen.

• The 1,200 to 1,500 mg per day must be consumed by persons who are 11-24 years old and to pregnant and lactating women.

• The 1,500 mg per day is needed to those women who are 51-65 years old that is not taking estrogen and to everyone who are more than 65 years old.

So in taking your calcium tablets as additional supplement, your body structure will be as strong as ever.

Calcium is one of the most important minerals we need in order to sustain life. The function of calcium is to strengthen the human bone and teeth. This is why people with adequate intake of calcium are prevented to experience bone malformation and diseases. 

Where can you get calcium? Almost all dairy products contain calcium. Samples of these dairy products include cheese, milk, yogurt and butter. Vegetables, meat, eggs and fruits are good sources of calcium as well. We need calcium everyday to supply the requirements of the body. If enough calcium is not taken, the bones will be open to many diseases and the bones will become weak in time. So, it is very important to have an adequate supply of calcium everyday. 

What is the purpose of calcium to your body? It helps build the skeletal system and makes your bones healthier and stronger. Aside from the use of calcium to the bones, it is also essential to the functionality of nerves, responsible for blood clotting and muscle health as well. However, if is taken in small amount, it can also cause some health problems like hypocalcaemia but increased intake can reduce high blood pressure and eliminates pre menstrual symptoms. 

Seaweed calcium is one among the most famous source of calcium. If you do not take enough calcium everyday, you need to take this particular supplement to maintain normal calcium in your body. This is very essential since people do not get much calcium from the food they eat everyday. This is ideal for men and women who are workaholic and do not spend much time watching about the food they eat everyday.

If you do not have adequate calcium intake you may suffer from the following conditions:

• The bone structure will be weak and more prone to fractures
• It can cause severe nerve sensitivity, leg cramps and muscle spasm
• It can induce improper heart function
• It takes time for your wound to heal
• It slows down the blood clotting 
• It weakens not only the bone but the teeth as well
• You will experience gum problems like bleeding gums
• Hypertension can occur

So, calcium is really important in the human body. You will need to supply your body with enough calcium everyday to survive life. The right dosage of calcium must be taken to avoid developing certain conditions that can cause death. Never overdose with calcium since it can also be harmful to health if introduced to the body in large amount.

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