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Amla is the greatest boon to humanity and one of the effective traditional herbal medicines, which had been used to treat and manage diseases since the ancient times. Indian Gooseberry is the reservoir of minerals, vitamins, and other biochemical substances. To some extent, it is bitter in taste, it can be used in many forms such as eating raw, juice, chutneys, pickles, Murabbas, and used with other recipes using its powder.

Botanical name: Phyllanthus emblica
English name: Indian Gooseberry
Hindi name: Amla
Bengali name: Amloki

Energy: 58 kcal
Moisture: 81.8 gm
Carbohydrate: 13.7 gm (mainly dietary fiber)
Protein : 0.5 gm
Fat : 0.1 gm
Vitamin C: 600 mg
Calcium : 50 mg
Iron: 1.2 mg

Benefits of Amla
1. Anti-ageing: Vitamin C is an excellent anti-oxidant and as Amla is so rich in Vitamin C, it has strong anti-oxidant properties and helps combat free radicals. Free radicals are unstable ions in the body, responsible for aging and cell degeneration.Amla stabilizes these free radicals and is believed to be the most powerful rejuvenating agent known to man.
2. Manages Diabetes: chromium present in Amla, has a powerful role to play in diabetic patients. It is known to stimulate the beta cells which produce the hormone insulin. Thus it helps in better uptake of sugar in the body and reduces sugar spikes.  
3. Amla for a healthy heart: Chromium is responsible for good heart health as it reduces the formation of plaque and cholesterol build up in the arteries. Amla lowers the level of cholesterol and strengthens the cardiac muscles thus smooth pumping of blood and oxygen to the entire body.
4. Cure mouth ulcer: It helps to cure mouth ulcer if it gargles along with water. The mixture should be Amla juice (2tbsp) and a half glass of water.
5. Amla for digestion: It is good for digestion and assimilation of foods.
6. Amla to relives asthma and cough and cold: intake of amla juice (2tbsp) and honey (2tbsp) and drink the same on regular basis, is helpful to control asthma, bronchitis, allergic asthma, respiratory congestion, chronic cough and cold.
7. Acts as a diuretic: Because of its diuretic property, it helps in the elimination of various toxins and unwanted and excess salt through urine.
8. Relieves from acidity: Because of its fiber and water content and it's great anti-inflammatory properties, it helps soothes the intestinal lining and thus curb acidity.
9. High In Digestive Fiber: Just like most berries, it is low in sugar and has high fiber content, making it an ideal daily fruit for almost anyone.
10. Alma for hair:  Amla is good to prevent hair loss, hair fall and plays a vital role in the overall health of hair.  Massaging the head with Amla oil induces sound sleep and is good for hair. Prevents premature graying of hair.
11. Amla to burn fat: it is a good source of dietary fiber thus amla is good for weight loss, fat burning and those who are obese.

Rather than this amla also:
1.Cools the Body
2. Prevents Constipation
3.Boosts Immunity
4.Prevents the Formation Of Gall Bladder stones
5.Prevents Ulcers
6.Act as an Anti-Inflammatory agent
7.Improves Eyesight
8.Purifies Blood
9.Strengthens Bones
10.Amla helps strengthen the liver and rid the body from toxins.
11.Improves Calcium absorption.
12.Increase appetite

Written By

Diti Paul Bhattacharjee
Nutritionist / Dietician

Doctors Gallery Rating: 4.5 out of 5