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ABC of Urologists –Why To Visit & What to Expect From Urologists

When to visit a urologist? Do I need to visit urologists near me? Why do I visit urologists? If you are surrounded by a hell of a lot of questions like these and don’t know the answers then go through the blog at once to bag your answers.

Very first, we need to know what urology is and who is called a urologist. It will help you to discover what they do actually and what can you get visiting a urologist. 

What is Urology?
In the medical domain, Urology is a branch that manages health issues related to urinary systems for men and women along with the reproductive system of men. 

Who is Urologist?
A urologist is a doctor as well as a surgeon who got trained to treat and cure urinary and genital issues and has specialized knowledge in curing male reproductive issues. Patients who visit urologists are suspected to have issues in the bladder, ureters, kidney, adrenal gland, or in the urethra. For male patients, a urologist treats issues allied to penis, prostate, seminal vesicles, epididymis, and prescribes clinical tests if requires. So, if you are referred by your current physician to visit a Urologist then fix your appointment only with any of the top urologists in Kolkata

When to Visit An Urologist?
If your doctor has identified something wrong with your urinary tract, kidney, bladder, ureters, and urethra or with your male reproductive system then he refers you to visit a urologist. Though, it is not that you can visit the best urologists in Kolkata if only your general physician suggests. You can also visit a urologist if you undergo, 

  • Pain during urinating 
  • Urine leaks issues or incontinence
  • If the medical report says you have a kidney stone
  • Issues with urine flow
  • Infertility issue in men
  • Genital organ issues in men or women
  • Enlarged prostate or prostatitis
  • Kidney cancer or cancer in bladder, testicles or penis
  • Low testosterone problem 

Acute or mild pain in the lower stomach, pain in the lower back, or groin region. 
Bladder protrusion fall in women
Don’t waste your time in deciding to visit a urologist if it is urgent.

Do Women Visit Urologist?
Yes, women also visit urologists in Kolkata if she needs it. There are a few problems that drive women to visit a urologist immediately.  If she undergoes, 

  • Unintentional urinary leakage after pregnancy while laughing, sneezing, or jumping.
  • UTI or urinary tract infection
  • Overactive bladder/frequent urge to pee
  • Dysfunction in pelvic floor

Being a woman, don’t hesitate to book your appointment with the best urologists in Kalyani or in the city you dwell if you find any issue with you. 

What does a Urologist do?
Whether you visit top urologists in Kalyani or any other cities you live in, the first thing they do is to ask you a bunch of questions. Then they will ask you to do tests (cystoscope/urine test/biopsy)to confirm what exact urinary issue you have. 

Last But Not The Least, 
Whether you are male or female, you should find the only best and experienced urologist in Kalyani or the city or area you live in. 

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