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ESI Hospital, Maniktala

ESI Hospital in Maniktala, Kolkata is one of the largest State Run(Under Labour Department) ESI hospitals in West Bengal. This multi-specialty hospital has more than 400 beds catering to ESI cardholders all over Kolkata and other nearby districts of West Bengal. Being one of the largest, Maniktala ESI Hospitals offers IPD, OPD, Emergency, Dialysis, and Diagnostic Facilities

Back in 2017-18, An ITU with Cath Lab is developed in ESI Manicktala Hospital. To provide super specialty and diagnostic services ESI Manicktala has tied up with Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, AMRI Hospital, BMRI, JMD Diagnostic, and Maa Durga Diagnostics. Last year ESI has also received Outstanding Performance in delivery of service amongst all state ESI hospitals during the year 2019- Manicktala ESI in the 300+ bed category and Sealdah ESI in less than 300-bed categories awarded by the ESIC, Headquarters New Delhi.


ESI Maniktala Address 

54 Bagmari Road, Kolkata - 700054, Nearest Station - Ultadanga/Bidhannagar

(Auto, Bus Available from Station)


Maniktala ESI Hospital Phone Number

Emergency : 2355-7216 to 19 ext. 300

ICCU : 2355-7216 to 19 ext. 337

Blood Bank: 2355-7216 to 19 ext. 326

Nurses' Training Centre: 2355-7211


Top doctors from multiple categories are available here for OPD Consultation and also attached as an IPD consultant.

Here is the Complete Schedule and doctor list of OPD of Maniktala ESI Hospital.


Medicine Department

OPD Days - Tuesday - Friday

Dr. Labony Banerjee - MBBS, MD, DM

Dr Sanghamitra Chakrabarty - MBBS

Dr. Prasanta Kumar Paul - MBBS, MD

Dr. Sitesh Dasgupta - MBBS, MD, DM

Dr. Nirmalya Chakraborty - MBBS, DTMH, Dip. Card.

Dr. Pijush Kanti Banerjee - MBBS, DCH

Dr Kakali Mandal - MBBS

Dr. Subhra Basu - MBBS

Dr. Snigdha Mukhopadhyay - MBBS

Dr. Karna Subha Mondal - MBBS

Dr. Niladrisekhar Dutta - MBBS

Dr. Dipanjan Mukherjee - MBBS, MRCP

Dr. Sayan Mishra - MBBS

Dr. Sisir Das - MBBS, MS, MCH

Dr Sayantani Dan - MBBS

Dr Aditya Satpati - MBBS, MD

Dr. Tajdar Asrar - MBBS



OPD Days - Monday - Wednesday

Dr Subhasis Guha MBBS, MCH

Dr. Shyamal Kanti Bala - MBBS

Dr. Sandip Kr De - MBBS, MS

Dr Mesbahul Islam - MBBS, DGO

Dr. Sujoy Ray - MBBS, MS



OPD Days - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

Dr. Susanta Kr. Das - MBBS, MD

Dr Lagnajita Paria - MBBS, MD

Dr. Smita Ghosh (Dey) - MBBS, MD

Dr. Subhra Ketan Chakraborty - MBBS, DGO, MD

Dr. Mahuya Mukhopadhaya - MBBS, DGO

Dr. Arpan Chatterjee - MBBS, MD

Dr. Rajib Gon Chowdhury - MBBS, DGO

Dr. Arpita Das - MBBS, MS

Dr Parijat Sanyal - MBBS, MS



OPD Days - Monday - Wednesday

Dr. Sanjib De - MBBS, MD

Dr. Prasun Banerjee - MBBS, MD

Dr. Tanay Kundu - MBBS

Dr Darpanarayan Datta - MBBS

Dr. Kaushik Chatterjee - MBBS, DCH

Dr. Malabika Roy Chowdhury - MBBS

Dr. Anirban Ash - MBBS

Dr Mridul Kanti Saha - MBBS

Dr. Santanu Ghosal - MBBS 

Dr. Bylapudi Sireesha - MBBS

Dr Satyabrata Sarkar - MBBS


Eye Department - Ophthalmology

OPD Days - Tuesday - Thursday

Dr. Soumaya Kanti Sen MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology)

Dr. Kakali Sen MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology)


OPD Days - Monday - Wednesday

Dr. Kishore Biswas - MBBS, MS (Otolaryngology)

Dr Pragna Paramita Chattaraj - MBBS, DLO



OPD Days - Tuesday

Dr. Jayanta Dutta - MBBS, MD, DM

Dr Piyali Sarkar - MBBS, MD, DM

Dr. Sandip Kr. Mukhopadhyay - MBBS, DCH, MD

Dr Bappaditya Biswas - MBBS

Dr Hriday Ranjan Das - MBBS, MD

Dr. Ronotosh Das - MBBS

Dr. Gora Dutta - MBBS

Dr Sayantan Manna - MBBS



OPD Days - Saturday

Dr. Pradip Chowdhury - MBBS, MD

Dr. Punit Goenka - MBBS, MD

Dr. Sovana Houqe - MBBS, MD

Dr. Priya Dugar - MBBS, MD

Skin - Dermatology

OPD Days - Tuesday

Dr. Sourav Chowdhury - MBBS, MD (Skin and V.D.)



Diabetes Clinic

OPD Days - Wednesday

Neuro Surgery

OPD Days - Thursday


Plastic Surgery

OPD Days - Saturday

Physical Medicine

OPD Days - Monday
Dr. Deb Kumar Majillya MBBS, MD


OPD Days - Wednesday - Friday

Dr. Subhra Chatterjee - MBBS, MS (Ortho)

Dr Subir P Biswas - MBBS, MS


OPD Days - Monday - Thursday

Dr. Indrani Chatterjee MBBS, DPM


OPD Days - Monday, Friday
Dr. Wasim Raja - MBBS, MD



Dr. Sayak Roy - MBBS, MS, MCH


OPD Days - Thursday, Saturday


Hematology - Blood Bank

Dr. Ruma De - MBBS, MD

Dr. Simontini Patra - MBBS, MD

Dr Sanchari (De) Biswas - MBBS, DCH

Dr. Sukanta Bhattacharjee - MBBS, DO



Dr. Murshed Alam MD, MD


Dr. Jayanta Chandra -MBBS, MD (Pathology)

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Anindhya Sundar Ganguly - MBBS

Dr. Snehanshu Dholey - MBBS

Dr. Deeya Chowdhury - MBBS

Dr Poulami Biswas - MBBS

Dr. Oindrila Das - MBBS

Dr. Anam Fatima - MBBS

Dr. Dharitri Mukherjee - MBBS

Dr. Khizra Aiman - MBBS


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ESI Hospital, Maniktala

ESI Hospital, Maniktala

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