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Disha hospital sheoraphuli phone number

OPD Appointments: 03366360004
SMS Appointment: 9433322222
TPA Helpdesk: 03366360004

Disha Hospital sheoraphuli Address: 14 GT Road, Sheoraphuli, Hooghly, PIN - 712223. West Bengal, India.

Disha Sheoraphuli eye hospital is located near the famous city of west bengal, Serampore.

Disha eye hospital sheoraphuli fees

OPD consultation Charges - Rs 200*
ASP (BE) - Rs 250*
Auto fluroescence - Rs 400*
CCT - Rs 100*
DFA - ICG -  Rs 3500*
DFP - Rs 250*
Digital FFA - RS 150*
OCT - Angio (SE/BE) - Rs 2000/Rs 2500*
OCT - Retina Rs 300/Rs 500*
OCT - Glaucoma - Rs 250/ Rs 500*
Retina Laser - Rs 2500(Per Sitting)*
Specular Microscopy - Rs 250*
USG - Rs 400/Rs 600*
YAG PI - Rs 800 / Rs 1500*

Cataract surgery cost in Disha eye hospital 

SICS - Starting Rs 4500*
PHACO with Export quality IOL - Starting Rs 9000*
Lasik Surgery (SE/BE) -Starting Rs 20000/Rs 30000*
Glaucoma Surgery - Starting Rs 8000*

*Approx Costs are given here, may vary according to patient's condition, doctor advice etc
Pterygium, Retinal, and Corneal surgery packages may vary as per doctor's advice

Here is the Sheoraphuli Disha eye hospital doctor list

Dr Amitabh Kundu - DO Cataract & Comprehensive ophthalmology
Dr Ananya Chatterjee - MS Cataract & Cornea
Dr Ananya Ganguly - MS Pediatric & Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Dr Angshuman Mukherjee - DO, DNB Retina
Dr Debajit Roy - MS Cataract & Pediatric
Dr Debashish Dutta - MS Cataract & Cornea
Dr Debdulal Chakraborty - DNB Retina
Dr Ipsita Basu - DO, DNB Pediatric & Comprehensive ophthalmology
Dr Jaydip Bhattacharya - DO Cataract & Glaucoma
Dr Mumtaz Alam - MS Cataract & Glaucoma
Dr Neeta Bhadra Pal - DNB Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Dr Nilakshi Mondal - MS Comprehensive ophthalmology
Dr Nipam Jyoti Das - MS cataract
Dr Prashant K Singhal - MS, DNB, FRCS Cataract, Cornea & Lasik
Dr Saptarshi Majumdaar - MD, FICO Retina
Dr Saumendra Nath Ghose - DO, MS Cataract, Glaucoma and Comprehensive ophthalmology
Dr Subhendu Das - MS Cataract & Comprehensive ophthalmology
Dr Tushar K. Hazra - MS Comprehensive ophthalmology


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