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Disha Eye Hospital Barrackpore

Largest Eye Care System in Eastern India

Disha eye hospital is one of the largest eye hospital chains in Eastern India. With over 14 branches all over West Bengal, Disha Eye Hospital is achieving new heights every day. Disha caters over Lakhs of patients every day with its affordable yet world-class eye care facilities. Disha Eye Hospital Barrackpore is the first branch of this hospital chain that brings the revolutions in the eye care industry of West Bengal and its surrounding areas. After a huge success, Disha started to open more branches at Sheoraphuli, Siliguri, Palta, New Town, Sinthi, Durgapur, Behala, Gariahat, Berhampore, Burdwan, etc. The latest branch of Disha Eye Hospital is in Siliguri. In this article, we are going to discuss Barrackpur Disha eye hospital. The nearest branch of Disha Eye Hospital is Palta. In this hospital, Disha generally performs surgeries especially Cataract Surgery at an Affordable Cost. Top ophthalmologists of Barrcackpur are available in these two branches of Disha Eye Hospital. 
In order to an appointment in OPD, a patient should book a name over the phone.

Here is the Disha hospital barrackpore phone number and other appointment details.

OPD Appointments: 03366360000
SMS Appointment: 9433311111
TPA Helpdesk: 03366360000
Disha Hospital Barrackpore Address: 88 (63A), Ghoshpara Road, Kolkata- 700120. West Bengal, India.
Location: Near Barrackpore Station (2 Min Walking Distance)
Disha Hospital Palta Address: Palta, GP Road, Ghosipara
Location: Near Palta Station (10 minutes walking distance)
For patients' convenience, we have shared regular fees and cataract surgery packages of Disha Eye Hospital Barrackpur.

In this following list, a patient will find Cataract surgery costs in Disha eye hospital.

OPD consultation Charges Rs 250* / Rs 300* (Emergency / Without Appointment)
ASP (BE) Rs 250*
Autofluorescence Rs 400*
CCT Rs 100*
DFA - ICG Rs 3500*
DFP Rs 250*
Digital FFA RS 150*
OCT - Angio (SE/BE) Rs 2000/Rs 2500*
OCT - Retina Rs 300/Rs 500*
OCT - Glaucoma Rs 250/ Rs 500*
Retina Laser Rs 2500(Per Sitting)*
Specular Microscopy Rs 250*
USG Rs 400/Rs 600*
YAG PI Rs 800 / Rs 1500*
SICS Starting Rs 4500*
PHACO with Export quality IOL Starting Rs 9000*
Lasik Surgery (SE/BE) Starting Rs 20000/Rs 30000*
Glaucoma Surgery Starting Rs 8000*

*Approx Costs are given here, may vary according to patient's condition, doctor advice, etc
Pterygium, Retinal, and Corneal surgery packages may vary as per doctor's advice

Barrackpore Disha eye hospital doctor list

The barrackpore and Palta branches of Disha Eye Hospital is enriched with the best ophthalmologist of barrackpore and its surrounding areas. With almost over 45 doctors on board, Disha Eye Hospital is providing OPD, IPD, and Surgical Services relentlessly. 
Doctors Name, Degree Specialty
Dr. Abhijit Bandopadhay - MS Cataract, Pediatric, Ocuplasty
Dr. Aditya Pradhan - DNB Cataract & Cornea
Dr. Ananya Chatterjee - MS Cataract & Cornea
Dr. Arijit Mitra - DO, DNB Cataract & Glaucoma
Dr. Arnab Das - MD, DNB Retina
Dr. Arpita Bhattacharya - MS Glaucoma
Dr. Arup Bhowmick - MS Cataract & Lasik
Dr. Ashmita Saha - DNB Cataract & Vitreo Retina
Dr. Ayan Mohanta - MS Cataract & Lasik
Dr. Bhaskar Bhattacharya - DO Cataract & Lasik
Dr. Debapriya Chowdhury - DO, DNB Cataract & Pediatric
Dr. Debashish Bhattacharya - MS Cataract
Dr. Deepak Agarwal - MS Retina
Dr. Devi Unnikrishnan - MS Cataract
Dr. Joyeeta Das - DNB Oculoplasty
Dr. Khushoo Chandra - MS Retina
Dr. Kshitiz Kumar - MS, FRCS Retina
Dr. Manas K Ghosh - MS Cataract & Glaucoma
Dr Mrinmayee Ghatak - DOMS Cornea
Dr. Mrinmoy Das MS Cataract, Cornea & Lasik
Dr. Neeta Bhadra Pal - DNB Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Dr Nibedita Das - DO, DNB Cataract & Cornea
Dr. Rashmi Gupta - MS Cataract & Cornea
Dr. Rubi Mishra - MD, DNB Cataract, Glaucoma & Neuro-Ophthalmology
Dr. Sabita Katoch - MD Cataract, Pediatric & Oculoplasty
Dr Samar K Basak - MD, DNB, FRCS Cataract & Cornea
Dr Sanjib Banerjee - DO Cataract
Dr Santanu Mandal - DO, FRCS Retina
Dr. Shiboprasad Pal - DO Cataract & Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Dr Shweta Malejan - DOMS Cataract & Cornea
Dr Shayamasree Sil - DNB Cataract & Glaucoma
Dr. Soham Basak - MS Cataract & Cornea
Dr. Somak Majumdaar - DNB Retina
Dr. Sougata Basu - DOMS Comprehensive ophthalmology
Dr. Soumen Mondal - MS Retina
Dr. Sourav Santra - MS Retina
Dr Subhendu kr Boral - MD, DNB Retina
Dr. Suchanda Sar - MS Cataract & Glaucoma
Dr. Sumit Chowdhury - DO, MS Cataract & Glaucoma
Dr. Soumitra Saha - MS, DNB Cataract, Medical Retina & Oculoplasty
Dr. Tuhin Chowdhury - MS Cataract, Cornea & Lasik
Dr Partha Pratim Pal - DO Comprehensive Ophthalmology


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Disha Eye Hospital Barrackpore

Largest Eye Care System in Eastern India

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